The Small Company Syndrome

Does your company suffer from the Small Company Syndrome? Firms suffering from the Small Company Syndrome have 3 things wrong with their employee benefits program:

1) They are wasting time.

  • To get lower rates, small companies spend a lot of time tendering their benefits program,
  • Confusion is created using multiple advisors tendering multiple RFPs, Time is wasted resolving transfer issues,
  • Small companies endlessly create new relationships with new suppliers,
  • Too much time is spent managing the benefit plan, rather than running the company,
  • Small companies are unable to delegate the administrative activities.


2) They are losing money.

  • Small companies typically pay higher rates for their insurance,
  • They are forced to buy insurance retail, Inability to buy at a high volume,
  • Small companies have no clout or leverage with the insurance companies,
  • Human resources are spent on non-value added work related to their benefits plan,
  • Small companies do not understand what are driving their costs,
  • Costly plan design changes are undertaken that do not have the desired effects,
  • Facts that negatively impact the cost of the benefits plan are not measured,
  • An under-performing benefits plan causes the small company to lose employees, which costs the company money,


3) They are not achieving their goals.

  • The small company has no clear goals for their benefits plan,
  • There is no strategic plan that links their benefit plan to their corporate objectives,
  • They are not using big company strategies to improve their benefits plan,
  • Time and money spent on their benefits plan takes time and money away from running the other aspects of business,
  • Small companies do not have a strategic specialist assisting with their benefits plan.

If your firm is suffering from one or all of these symptoms, we recommend you do three things:

  • Get a carrier to treat you like a big company
  • Employ big company strategies to decrease claims;
  • and Take the time to develop a long-term plan of action to implement these strategies.

We have discovered that companies that implement these strategies save 10 to 25 percent of their benefits plan costs.

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