The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ helps you save significant money on your benefits plan by getting insurance companies to treat you like a big company.

The basic service of tendering your plan to the insurance marketplace is available from most agents, brokers and consultants. However, the advanced program, The BIG COMPANY Advantage™, takes everything to a higher level and is available only from select consultants. The advanced program is not for everyone. Qualified prospective clients are offered a free 60-minute starter session. During this unique coaching session, your current situation is reviewed, your goals are clarified, and the development of your big company strategy is initiated.

The BIG COMPANY Advantage™ is not for every company; it is designed specifically for companies that are strategically minded, relationship-oriented, open to new ideas, and willing to take the time to develop a proper strategy. If your company fits this description, and you are interested in discovering if our advanced program is a good fit, contact us today.

“You do not need to give up your existing broker
to participate in this program.”

The advanced program was developed by numerous consultants with years of experience dealing with hundreds of clients. Many companies get into trouble when they do not take the time to develop a strategy for their benefits plan. They simply put their plan out for tender each year, and look for the cheapest premium possible. In return, the insurance companies do not invest any more than the minimum amount of effort or attention possible and only provide off-the-rack services and pricing. We call this the Small Company Syndrome.

Without a long-term strategy, companies suffering from the Small Company Syndrome often waste time, lose money, and they don’t achieve their goals. But if they take the time to develop a strategy, they usually save time, make more money, and achieve their goals.

Thatís why we recommend you do three things:

  • Get a carrier to treat you like a big company
  • Employ big company strategies to decrease claims;
  • Take the time to develop a long-term plan of action to implement these strategies.

Companies that implement these strategies save 10 to 25 percent of their benefits plan costs.

Download The BIG COMPANY advantage™ Scorecard

Click here to download the scorecard, complete it and then decide if you are satisfied with your score. If you would like to learn how you can improve your score, call us and one of our advisors will review it with you.